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Create a CRM as unique as your franchise business.

Your franchise business, and what you need from a CRM, is as unique as your fingerprint.

But unlike your fingerprint, your business changes over time. We believe your CRM should be able to change with your growing business, without the disruption of having to change to a different platform or tool.

Macanta allows you to create and update your CRM, just as you do your business.

How Much?

One size does not fit all

Your Franchise Business Is Unique.

Your CRM Should Be Too.

Most other CRMs, particularly industry-specific ones, force you to run your business with a system designed by other people who know nothing about your business.

And when you first log into most CRMs, you are faced with a load of things you either don’t need, or are simply confusing.

Macanta gives you the freedom, flexibility and control to build exactly what you want in a CRM for your franchise, as you need it.

Not just marketing emails

Whole Franchise Automation

Marketing automation is important for the growth of a business, but it's not the whole picture.

What about everything else that happens in your franchise network?

Macanta enables what we call Whole Franchise Automation.

This allows you to create automation-driven processes and workflows for your franchisees, and amend or update them centrally as the needs of your business evolve over time

More than customers

Relationships, not just contacts

In the vast majority of franchised businesses, there is a lot more information involved in a customer journey than name and address details, and contact notes.

Often, additional information about customers and their transactions with your products and services, is stored in other systems, creating a recipe for chaos and frustration.

Macanta allows you to manage and automate around all this additional information, and have a complete overview of the relationships between different contacts, staff members and data, for each transaction or customer journey.

Who is Macanta for?

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My business is different

I need to track historical data

We have multiple locations

I own a franchised business

In many respects, this is why we created Macanta.

At some fundamental level all franchise businesses have the same problems to solve, but on a day-to-day, 'getting the business done' level, every business is different.

If you are looking for a CRM that will evolve and adapt as your business does, then Macanta is for you.

If your business requires you to track multiple versions of the same information, for the same contact, then you'll love Macanta.

With Macanta's Data Object and Relationship structure, you can hold unlimited versions of information for a contact, allowing you to retain a complete historical view of your clients.

Having a franchise business with multiple locations brings with it it's own unique set of challenges and requirements.

You may want to limit access to information based on a user's role, or their franchise location. You may also want to have clarity over which franchise is more successful at serving an individual customer.

Macanta allows you to do that and much more.

One of the biggest challenges for a franchisor is control.

Control over the brand, processes and customer experience, not to mention control over data.

Macanta allows you to control the data in your network, and also makes it trivial to update a process network-wide without requiring changes in multiple versions of the same system.

Key Features

A CRM that evolves as your business grows

Role-based interface

Contact-based interface

All the data, all the time

Easily create a custom interface, based on the logged-in user.

Everyone remains focused on their role and what they need to get done.

Create a dynamic interface, that displays information based on the stage or state of a contact.

Only display information and actions relevant to the contact and data being viewed.

Collect all the information you need to create an overall view and history of a prospect or customer.

Automate around ALL the data you collect.

True 'If This, Then That' automation

Granular contact view permissions

Integration and API

Create automation rules to help you run your franchise network.

Whole Franchise Automation, not just marketing emails.

Restrict access to contacts, data and functionality, based on the role a user plays in your business, and which franchise they belong to.

Users only see what you want or need them to see.

Macanta is designed to work with the other systems or software in your business.

Either send webhooks out from Macanta, or update records in Macanta via the API.

Start creating your unique CRM today.

Start your trial now.

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